Christians have condemned the burning and destruction of property at an apostolic shrine in Budiriro 2 by alleged Zanu Pf youths led by a police officer in uniform in retaliation for the violent attack on nine police officers and journalists by the sect members last Friday.

The youths raided and burned the shrine of Johane Masowe weChishanu leader Madzibaba Ishamel Mufani and destroyed all fabrics and clay pots they found on the site.

Speaking to RelZim, Rudo Chengeta, a catholic said Zimbabwe as a largely Christian community should learn to forgive each other. “I am not in support of what Madzibaba did but then violence can not be repaid by violence,” she said.

Chengeta said she was shocked that the youths decided to take the law into their own hands and destroy property used by the sect for worshipping.

Mabel Chirara added and said that politicization of religion in Zimbabwe needed to be addressed as it fuelled violence in churches.

“Selective application of the law is very dangerous in any society and politicians should avoid bringing their politics to church. The youths also demonstrated violence but nothing has been done to them. The youths do not have the mandate to punish anyone and it is sad considering that not all sect members were violent last Friday.”

Tawanda Mombeyarara an analyst said, “It is sad that Christianity in Zimbabwe had been politicized. The visit by Ndanga with police in riot gear in itself shows that there was something really wrong from the start and the violence could have been avoided.

“From past experiences like the Anglican saga where some members of the CPA where attacked by those affiliated to the Kunonga faction it is clear that political parties have a role to play in some of the feuds among Christians.”

The Apostolic sect ran amok last Friday after being addressed by Bishop Johannes Ndanga from Apostolic churches council of Zimbabwe ACCZ who banned the church for alleged human rights abuses.