Church leaders here are up in arms with Kwekwe city Council after its failure to swiftly allocate church stands to over hundreds of applicants.

Founder of Twelve Apostles, Pastor Tawanda Kufakunesu, said the local authority is doing little as compared to the number of churches emerging in the city.

“Many churches are being formed as each day goes by.It is shocking if one compares the staggering number of churches emerging and the efforts being put by the local authority. The local authority is doing little and they must seriously consider this.

“Our constitution is very clear that anyone is free to establish a church. With such a provision, churches galore are going to show up on the scene and the only thing that the local authority can do is to give out stands to churches,” said Pastor Kufakunesu.

Another church leader of Word of Fire, who requested anonymity, indicated that it is now more than a year after they applied for a church stand.

“It is now more than a year after we applied for a church stand but nothing has materialised. Our prayer is that this year, the Kwekwe City Council should give us a stand,” he said.

The situation has gone out of hand forcing worshipers to worship on open spaces such as recreational parks and others resorting to worship in school buildings and houses.

A snap survey conducted by RelZim shows that three or more churches use school premises and at least one or more churches are renting from long established churches which have buildings.

Director of Works at Kwekwe City Council, Engineer John Mhike, said council has received many applicants and is in the process of allocating stands to churches.

“Many churches applied for stands and some are still applying. It may seem to take long but we are searching for convenient places where they can worship without inconveniencing residents as a result of noise,” said Mhike.

Over the years Zimbabwe has witnessed a rapid increase of emerging churches.