Anglican ex-communicated bishop Nolbert Kunonga is alleged to have looted more than $1million dollars when he was controlling the church.

Kunonga seized control of some church properties in 2007 including hospitals, schools and orphanage centers when he broke away from the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) to form his Anglican Church of the Province of Zimbabwe until 2013 when the courts ordered evicted Anglicans to return to the church buildings. However most of the parishioners said the parishes had been run down while some of the church halls where leased to education institutions.

Reverend Paul Gwese, speaking on behalf of Harare bishop Chad Gandiya, told a press briefing in Harare, that the church could not account for money that was put in a trust fund seized by Kunonga.

“We are talking about a real big chunk of money that we cannot account for,” Gwese said.

“There was a trust fund which had $1 million and not even a cent can be accounted for from that trust. So as you can see, we are talking of big monies.

“Work is in progress and our legal advisors are dealing with the matter. In the next coming few months, we will be able to tell you how much money was taken and whether we will be able to get it back. But it is a large sum and it will take time for us to fully recover it.”