The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter –Day Saints gave the Highfield Satellite Clinic a face lift by painting the entire clinic as well as repairing the broken down ablution system among other things.

Hanging over the projects to the local authority last Saturday, The Latter-Day Saints said they were leading by example as it was their role to serve others and take care of the City.

“Each year, we are guided by a theme as we choose which project/s to embark on. This year’s theme was, “Hand in Hand with Local Government,” hence that’s why we chose to refurbish a Council Clinic.

“We follow in the footsteps of Jesus who during his days took his time to serve others. More than 200 of our members participated in this project and offered more than 120hrs to complete the job. In this world where time is scarce and people are always busy, we commend our members for prioritising this project,” Harare South Stake president Philip Mathemera said.

Harare South Stake Public Affairs Director, Caroline Kuhudzai said while the church did not have a budget for the projects they do across the country, members sacrificed their time to help with their various talents as a way of giving back.

“Members in this part of Zimbabwe willingly offered their talents, time, skills and service in helping refurbish the said clinic.

“The emphasis of Mormon Helping Hands is not so much in monetary value but in the service Saints willingly offer to those in need. Hence why you didn’t hear any monetary value being attached to the work we did.

“Of course, thousands of dollars were spent on the project and many thanks to all those who partnered with us and offered their help both in cash and kind. As a church, we don’t have a set aside budget for such projects. We look for donations elsewhere should the project require more than our Saints, skills, time and talents,” she added.

“As Church members, we follow the example of the Savior in reaching out and helping others, hence testimonies are strengthened. I’m sure if you knew this place before, you will sure admit that it has been renovated.

“Members even fixed and repaired broken cistern tanks, landscaping that includes trimming trees, even cutting down some, planted 40 shrubs, replaced some broken windows and vanishing wooden doors and fixing broken ones” she said.

Mathemera urged other churches to partner the local authority and serve communities around them.

“It is not sorely the duty of the local authority to take care of the place around us, if other churches can make sure that they take it upon themselves to look after the City, we would have a beautiful nation.

“After all it is people in the community who vandalise most of the properties, so why not sacrifice our time to look after our nation,” he argued.