Residents and property owners here in Kwekwe have expressed some disgruntlement over church posters that are illegally and misplaced on undesignated areas.

The public outcry comes after there has been a rampant increase in church posters being plastered on city buildings to advertise activities of various man of God, resulting in the defacement of the city.

A snap survey conducted by RelZim showed that the face of the city has lost its aura due to the church posters that are defacing the city.

Speaking in an interview with, Tsitsi Kahondo, a property owner said that the placement of posters on undesignated areas in the city needs urgent attention.

“Church posters that are illegally placed on city buildings have become a menace. The beauty of the city which we were once proud of seems to be fading as a result of church posters”.

“The recently held prayer convention by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, dubbed Judgement Night 2, was advertised in a manner that the posters were unsystematically plastered on city wall, private buildings and even on road signs. Makandiwa posters were just chaotically everywhere”.

“This behaviour is intolerable, church people must not behave like goblins, which just put posters on private buildings without any consultation. It is a crime actually. This goes to all church leaders who have their people who place posters on undesignated areas”, he said.

Calvin Chahuruva a motorist said that local authorities must work in handy with property owners and drag irresponsible church leaders before the courts.

“Church leaders must act responsibly. Posters advertising their activities are even put on road signs and this can cause accidents. Previously it was musical posters, but now the tables have changed, the church is now leading the undesired behavior”

“Pillars in the city have been turned into billboards and it is giving an ugly look to onlookers and travellers”

“These irresponsible church leaders must be dragged to courts”, he said.

A resident, who spoke to RelZim, said the blame must be put on local authorities who are failing to erect boards in the public where anyone who want to place a poster can do so.

“Posters are communicating messages effectively and I am happy that they do inform me of certain religious functions. The blame must not be put on church leaders, but on the local authority. They must create space for anyone who wants to advertise anything using posters. The failure by the local authority to offer such boards has forced church poster to be plastered even on city buildings”, said Chenesai Makamba.