The Zimbabwe Council of Churches says they are assessing the levels of hunger in the country with the intention of approaching donors for the assistance of most needy.

Hunger has reached alarming levels in most parts of the country with Masvingo and Chipinge being hardest hit.

In Masvingo there are reports that even donkeys are dying with people resorting to wield fruits for survival.

In Chipenge the price of cattle has gone down to as low as $30 with people losing their wealth for survival.

Gabriel Mangangadze the acting Zimbabwe Council of Churches General Secretary said they are on the ground assessing the gravity of hunger.

“When we launched the national prayer week last week we were also clear that we were going on the ground to assess the levels of hunger throughout the country,” said Manyangadze

“But First and foremost we would want to collect and synthesise the information we are getting from different parts of the country which would give us a clear picture of the kind of interventions which we are going to propose to government and also to use our own communication channels and contacts with the other people within the country and outside,” said Manyangadze.

“We are also looking at the farmers try to provide them with the fed for their cattle in areas where we can and also to try and work with government to bring relief in different communities where it is needed”.

Over 2.5 million Zimbabweans are in dire need of food assistants and government has since appealed for assistance from the donor community.