Churches and war veterans yesterday deplored the continued use of violence on opposition members and activists, while accusing the State of failing to take action against perpetrators.

“The Church abhors and condemns any form of violence regardless of who the perpetrator is. We condemn in the strongest terms any act of violence and we want to see peace prevailing.

“Our conviction is that we would like to engage the stakeholders that are involved in such acts,” Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe leader Shingi Munyeza said.

The cleric said churches were gathering information on what was transpiring from their co-ordinators before jumping to conclusions.
“We will be appealing to law enforcers to ensure that there is no eruption of violence. We will also be appealing to law enforcers that the Constitution and constitutionalism is respected so that we can live in our differences.

“We are engaging the authorities and law enforcers through our structures. We need to get the facts from our structures,” he said.

Zimbabwe Divine Destiny leader Ancelimo Magaya said President Robert Mugabe should rein in his supporters, whom he accused of perpetuating a culture of violence.

“This is very sad and that is the reason why we are calling upon the President to come to terms with the reality on the ground and be objective and rein in rogue elements within his party. Failure to do this will result in a catastrophic situation. We want the situation to be addressed before degenerating into something really worse,” he said.

Christian Voice International-Zimbabwe (CVI) leader Tapfumanei Zenda said perpetrators of violence should be brought to book.
“We are, hereby, calling upon the powers-that-be to take heed of our plight and concerns that the police and all those perpetrating violence need to act in accordance with the Constitution,” he said.

“CVI is seriously concerned about human rights abuses at the moment and we hope those implicated will stop that without delay.”
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association secretary-general Victor Matemadanda said thorough investigations should be carried out to identify perpetrators of violence.

“Violence perpetrated by whoever is public enemy number one because by its nature violence knows no boundary if it becomes a way of life,” he said.

“When it is said to be perpetrated by the ruling party, then that becomes even more dangerous because government must protect all its citizens. However, I think thorough investigations must be done to ascertain who is behind the violence so that proper remedial action is taken.”

Hundreds of opposition supporters and civil society activists have been brutally attacked since widespread anti-government protests started a few months ago, with some now hospitalised while others claimed to have been tortured at Zanu PF headquarters.

As the situation continues to degenerate, several church organisations have deplored the use of violence calling authorities to order.

Meanwhile, six of the ZimPF officials who were bashed by suspected Zanu PF youths in Guruve were yesterday released from police custody and taken to a private hospital for medical attention.

ZimPF lawyer Gift Nyandoro said Bindura magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura ordered the release of Retired Brigadier General Agrippa Mutambara and five others who were assaulted at a farm in Guruve.

Nyandoro said the court released his clients after they challenged their placement on remand following the lapse of the maximum 48-hour period that the police are allowed to hold suspects before taking them to court.

“As I am talking to you right now, the victims of Zanu PF brutality are being transferred to a private hospital for more specialised treatment. The court was held at Bindura Hospital because of the severity of injuries sustained,” he said.

Clemence Kuwanda prosecuted.