A 33-YEAR-OLD self-proclaimed cleric has been arraigned at the Gokwe Magistrates’ Court charged with raping a congregant during a “healing” session.

The suspect, Samson Madhuyu, who leads the Masimba Apostolic Church, was not asked to plead when he appeared last week before regional magistrate, Amos Maturure, who remanded him to January 26 next year.

Allegations against Madhuyu are that on September 1, he told the complainant that she had an evil spirit that needed to be exorcised.

The State alleges Madhuyu took the complainant into his vehicle and proceeded to Defe Road, where he parked his car on a bridge.

Madhuyu then allegedly asked the complainant if she was interested in a polygamous marriage, but she spurned him.

This did not go down well with the cleric, who then tilted the complainant’s seat backwards and allegedly raped her once.

After the alleged act, Madhuyu ordered the complainant not to disclose the abuse or he would cast evil spirits on her.

The court heard the suspect then took the complainant to his wife, Lisper Mupazino, where she spent three days, but did not tell anyone.

After her release, she discovered she was pregnant and immediately informed her aunt of the alleged abuse, leading to Madhuyu’s arrest.

Madhuyu was represented by Solomon Kangembeu, while the State was represented by Tineyi Tirigo.