Tongai Moyo Dhewa, a gifted Zimbabwean musician, who had been giving this nation hit after hit for over a decade, left a void that will certainly be hard to fill. He was faithful to the grave and during his last days on earth he engaged the celebrated Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Perhaps it was a feeling of recovery or just belief  or both that prompted him to pen a song that exalted the United Families International Church prophet.

On a Sunday, at his last show Moyo sang, “Inga Makandiwa anoporesa wani (Makandiwa has healing powers).”

The crowd was captivated and, at the same time, hopeful that the healing touch of Makandiwa would work miracles on Dhewa.  In retrospect, it never did. On October 15, Dhewa breathed his last breath, leaving many in shock and also in awe.

Many people today ask whether Makandiwa, who has healed many before Dhewa, could have saved Dhewa from inevitable death. Nobody could confirm whether the song for Makandiwa was already recorded but there is no doubt that the two: prophet and his patient had some unfinished business.