Spirit Embassy leader, Uebert Angel last week claimed to have accurately prophesied the death of Britain’s former premier Margaret Thatcher, but information at hand suggests the prophet may have been repeating something already in the public domain.

Angel’s followers posted a 10- minute collage of videos from March 1 2012, where he claimed to have a prophesy of the death of someone with the initials M.T and I.L, presumably Margaret Thatcher and Iron Lady, the former British Prime Minister’s nickname.

But it is Angel’s “prophesy” that when dead, Thatcher’s funeral would take place at St Paul’s Cathedral that convinced sceptics that the “man of God” might have been onto something.

“I was in the visions of the Lord when he started to show me visions of a lady, an old lady in a coffin, a very, very popular lady,” he said. “I want you to write at the end of your pages M.T. This is an Anglican Church right here, it’s a white lady and it’s not in Zimbabwe or Africa.”

On August 13 2012 Angel seemed to accurately point out that Thatcher would be buried at St Paul’s Cathedral, but this is something that was decided upon as far back as June 2008, when the Iron Lady was still in better health.

“The [British] Queen [Elizabeth] and Gordon Brown are both in discussions with Lady Thatcher’s private office concerning the arrangements,” The Daily Mail of July 13 2008 reported. “This does not reflect any concern over Lady Thatcher’s health, but simply the prudent long-term planning necessary for any event involving the Queen.”

Thatcher herself requested to be interred at St Paul’s. Malcolm Ross, the Queen’s former Master of the Royal Household, who has managed every Royal funeral since 1997, including those of Princess Diana and the Queen Mother, was responsible for the overall planning.

Still in 2008, when Thatcher’s funeral was being planned, the Queen is reported to have approved a proposal for Britain’s only female Prime Minister to lie in the Chapel of St Mary’s Undercroft immediately beneath Westminster Hall on the night before her funeral.
Confident in his prophesies, Angel told congregants to write the divine revelations in their bibles and not in notebooks, as the notebooks could get lost, yet bibles were permanent.

“To write in your bible it’s better, because your notebook . . . you might lose it. It’s a little bit far and I will tell you as we draw closer… one person is raising that, let’s put the coffin in St Paul’s Cathedral,” Angel told his followers.

To echoes of “yes papa”, Angel again reiterated to his followers that God had shown him visions of the church where Thatcher would be buried and that she would die this year.

As if to claim ownership of the prophesy, Angel pointed out that he had mentioned last year where Thatcher would be buried and oblivious to that this is well-known, his congregants went into delirium.

On New Year’s Day, Angel made another bold declaration, that the death he had prophesied about was close; incidentally Thatcher had been admitted to a hospital just five days before last Christmas.

Angel’s pal, United Family International Church (UFIC) leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa also seems to have “prophesied” the Iron Lady’s death at a “crossover” service on New Year’s Eve.

An official at Spirit Embassy declined to comment, saying there was too much negative publicity around the prophecies and he also refused with the preacher’s number.

The Iron Lady suffered several strokes between 2002 and this year and had been advised to cut down on public appearances.

Thatcher died last week at the Ritz Hotel, where she was staying after her stroke in December, after having difficulty with stairs at her home. She will be buried on Thursday.