Churches will launch prayer rallies to pray for peace to prevail ahead and after the upcoming elections, urging Zimbabweans to cast their votes for a God fearing leader.

Pastor Josphat Amuli, the director of Christian Alliance, a grouping of various church denominations, said the Church is apolitical but is praying for Zimbabwe to have a peaceful free and fair election.

Amuli said the churches, in collaboration with civil society organisations, are also holding peace building meetings across the country to promote peace, tolerance and cohesion, as the election approaches.

“Churches are the light of the world. We are having prayer meetings and we are encouraging Christians and non-Christians to pray for peace and for a free and fair election,” he said in an interview.
“Our rallying point, our branding point is around Exodus Chapter 18, it basically says Zimbabweans should elect people of good reputation.”

Amuli said the organisation will have prayer rallies and big Sundays in an effort to spread its message.

Zimbabwe elections have always been marred by political violence.
The 2008 presidential run-off elections saw over 200 opposition supporters being kidnapped or killed in political violence, while scores were left injured or displaced.

The election was condemned worldwide as not free and fair.

Meanwhile, a survey by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiCZ), a coalition of human rights organisaitons, reveals that 90% of Zimbabweans want a free and fair peaceful election.

The coalition said it is pooling its resources to campaign for a conducive environment before the nation heads for elections.

“As each successive day draws closer to the polls – which President Mugabe has unilaterally decreed should be held on July 31 – the utmost preoccupation of Zimbabweans across the board, is for peace to prevail before, during and after the elections,” the organisation said in its report released on Monday.

“In a survey that carried out over a period of 15 days, from May 16 to 31, we asked the Zimbabwean public to articulate whether or not we need free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

“The survey asked Zimbabweans what type of elections the next Zimbabweans elections should be and over 90% of them said they wanted free and fair elections.