Irishman Sean Connor has claimed that there is widespread use of juju or magical powers in Zimbabwe football.

Speaking to BBC recently, the former Caps United coach said, “It’s rife, I never believed in it, but if the players believe in it then that’s probably the way it works,” he explained.

“We were told that if a certain guy sits behind the goal that we’re attacking then we’re not going to score, and you’d see salt and things thrown in the changing rooms and water in the corners. And players would tell me they had no power in their legs.”

“It’s hard for me to understand it. I tried to ignore it and work hard and we went on a better run, but there was all this bubbling under the surface.”

Connor arrived in the country earlier last year hoping to have a big impact on the game. But his stay ended with him taking his club, Caps United, to court for a settlement after he was fired following a run of poor results.