SOUTH Africa-­based Harvest Breakthrough Ministries Apostle Lukiah Borerwe says Zimbabwe is in complete darkness and will continue to sink deeper into turmoil “if people fail to repent and seek the heart of God now”.

Apostle Borerwe made headlines last week when she and her followers staged a prayer crusade in Harare Gardens clad in sack clothing.

During an interview with in Harare Tuesday, she warned locals against worshiping idols and singing false prophesies which she claims to have ruined the nation.

“There is false prophesying in this country. Zimbabweans go deeper in practicing witchcraft and still go to church to pray.

“Bad spirits have conquered the church and are confusing people. We have seen this in false prophets who are lying to people day and night.”

Borerwe claims to have been sent by God to make the “people of Zimbabwe repent and live in a sin free environment”.

She also wants to meet with country’s leader President Robert Mugabe “to share with him her vision” but claims she has been blocked from meeting the veteran leader since 2005.

“It is you the young people who are blocking me from meeting President Mugabe. I desperately want to share with him what God has said about this nation.”

Based in Cape Town, the Apostle continued: “I am disappointed by my fellow country people. “All they search for is material things.

The church has a role to play. It must work with government to talk about God’s word for the country to prosper, but now it is full of dirty.

“The church has collapsed and no longer functioning. It has turned into a mountain of salt like Lot’s wife. We have failed ourselves through worshiping idols and nothing has happened for the past 400 years of struggle.

Explaining the dressing of her followers who wear garments made from sack material, Apostle Borerwe said “Zimbabweans are not clean before God”.

“We have sinned. We are a disgrace to the Lord because of our deeds. We left our Lord and started worshiping idols.

“In the Bible, those who sinned were asked to wear sack cloth. It means you are not clean before the Lord and do not deserve anything good until you repent and confess. In Zimbabwe, we are appeasing spirits (kutanda botso).

“There is no church anymore in this country. People are making money out of Christ’s blood. This is provocation and we will all die because of our sins. Repent and confess your sins, make peace with the Lord and Zimbabwe will be a great nation again.”

As part of her “Zimbabwe come back to God campaign”, Apostle Borerwe staged ‘a wail and repentance conference’ in Harare. More conferences are lined up around the country where she will “preach to everyone regardless of religion and colour”.