With many students being away from their homes to spend time with their mothers and guardians on Mother’s Day, members of the Faith Love Abstinence Status Hope Network (FLASH Network) at University of Zimbabwe spent glorious hours of the 8th of May, with the patient mothers of Mashambanzou HIV/AIDS Treatment centre.

The visit to Mashambanzou profoundly timed on Mother’s Day, was aimed at going beyond the intellect and care for the whole person and the group interacted and socialised with the patients sharing jokes, singing and dancing.

Owing to the warm visit and the honour, the patients passionately shared their life experiences in a very open manner and encouraged the youths to abstain from sex and also urged those who might have fallen victim to earthly desires to get tested and reform.

FLASH Network Chairperson, Miss Rutendo Dutiro, said the visit had a great impact on the members who were exposed to varying life experiences and prompted to reflect on their lives. In her sentiments, Rutendo expressly echoed that, “Everyone deserves to be loved no matter what they have been through or how much they have wronged, for no one is perfect. God loved us all and thus we also ought to love one another as He has loved us,” she said.

She further encouraged more people to take time and engage in spiritual and corporal works of mercy, as one’s face might be the hope these people need to raise their stature and esteem in life.

FLASH Network, is a subgroup of the Catholic Society at the University of Zimbabwe.