Antony Dandato (left) with Denis Ladbrook and Ken Patterson from the Church of Christ Wembley Downsduring in Perth, Australia, where he gave a talk on educating a Gospel-based leadership for Zimbabwe

The hope for Zimbabwe lies in its future leadership, well-educated and founded on the trust that is realised in the gift of the Gospel of Christ. So claims a Mutare-born Antony Dandato, who represented the  Fellowship of Christian Unions in Zimbabwe (FOCUS) speaking at the Church of Christ Wembley Downsduring in Perth, Australia.

The goal of FOCUS is to unite and equip tertiary students from a variety of campuses and Christian traditions for leadership in their various fields. From the sound basis of values and consideration for others based on the good news of Christ, Mr. Dandato believes that Zimbabwe and many other African nations can build a solid future.

 Antony fielded a Q&A session with the congregation, highlighting the value of long-term leadership preparation as the most effective strategy for rebuilding Zimbabwe. The Perth-based congregation would also know through previous visitors from Zimbabwe and the church’s support of the Khayelihle Children’s Village that this view is widely shared amongst Zimbabwe Christian leaders.