Crowd-amusing miracles by Zimbabwe’s prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and Ubert Angel were copied from a Ghanaian prophet who was deported from Zimbabwe in 2007 but is now back.

In an interview with, Prophet Osei Tutu who heads the Miracle Gate Church International claimed that many people who were following him before his deportation are now following the charismatic pair who have taken the country by storm as they perform miracle after miracle.

“I have not met them [Makandiwa and Angel] but they know me. The two heard about me through their spiritual father who is a very close friend of mine as we are both from Ghana,” said Tutu.

Makandiwa and Angel share the same spiritual father Victor Boateng who like Prophet Tutu hails from Ghana.

Tutu said that his church since he returned to Zimbabwe three months ago has swelled in numbers. This is inpite the fact that some of his followers had turned to Makandiwa’s United Families International and Angel’s Spirit Embassy.

Tutu, who claims to heal afflictions such as AIDS and cancer, took a swipe at Makandiwa who recently dared pastors to test whether he is a true man of God as doubters questioned Makandiwa’s claims that gold would rain from the sky. “We are not afraid to be examined. All pastors and bishops in Zimbabwe should come and pray for me for one hour and when they finish I will only need five seconds to pray for them and let’s see who is possessed,” Makandiwa said then.

“One thing I can say I will not go forward as he said. I would advise my brother to correct himself. He should not have said that. The Bible said we will tread on scorpions but it does not mean that when you see a scorpion you should step on it. It will bite you. We are all humans and sometimes we make mistakes during our utterances,” concluded the Ghanaian.