A woman from Bezha in Gwanda surprised all and sundry when she told her South Africa based husband that she had been impregnated by a goblin.

The woman, Sihle Mpala, reportedly fell pregnant during her husband’s absence and when she was quizzed on the pregnancy, she claimed that goblins were responsible.

Michael Mthunzi revealed that he left his wife at his home two years ago and when he was away he got a phone call informing him to report home immediately.

“I received a phone call from my brother and we did not discuss much on the phone, he just told me that I should come home as soon as possible.

“I just thought that maybe someone at home had died therefore I arranged and came home,” said Mthunzi.

He revealed that when he got home, no one broke the news and his wife was absent.
“You know I was eager to know why I was wanted home with such urgency and when I realised that there was no funeral, I concluded that it was about my cattle.

“I then waited patiently for my wife, but when she got home I got shocked as I realised that she was pregnant.

“When I asked her what was happening, she told me that I should not beat her as she never cheated on me, but suspects that she was impregnated by a goblin,” revealed Mthunzi. He said his wife tried to convince him by telling him stories of goblins which were troubling villagers.

“In a bid to make me buy her story, she told me that there was a time when some men in the village woke up sleeping outside their bedroom huts. She made it appear as if goblins slept with their wives,” he said.

On the fateful day, Mthunzi became speechless and he just moved out of their bedroom hut to sleep in the kitchen.

He then confronted his family members on the matter, but they dismissed his wife’s claims saying she was trying to cover up for her actions.

“I told my wife that the best thing was to seek assistance from a traditional healer and find out the truth.

“Surprisingly, on the following day, we discovered that she had packed her belongings and that was a sign that she was telling lies,” he said.

Mthunzi’s brother also confirmed the incident saying they were still trying to find the whereabouts of Mpala as she did not go to her parents.

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