President Robert Mugabe praised the lord for making the constitution making process a success before assuring the church that the state values its role in uniting the nation.

The Zimbabwean leader made the remarks at the State House on Wednesday when he was signing the draft constitution into law.

The church was among the stakeholders who played a big role in the mobilizing views of the people during the outreach.

“I want to say to those who prayed for us, the various Churches.Tinokutendai.[We thank you] The state our State do not underestimate the role of the church. We say we are hand in hand with the church,” President Mugabe said.

He added: “The church and the state are marching hand in hand because we need morals, we need that spiritual input into the child into the professional engineer, politician so that politicians become straight forward. Vanhu vanoti tiri corrupt,  tiri chii [People say we are corrupt]. Corruption iripoka eh.It must stop. Saka Church inoramba ichiti musabe,musatore zvisiri zvenyu [the church continues to encourage us not to steal].”

President Mugabe castigated homosexuality saying it has not space in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe leader has on several occasions described homosexual as being worse that pigs and dogs.

“That is why we reject zvinhu zvakaita [things like] homosexuality and things that really undermine, you see, the morality of our nation”, President Mugabe said.

The assenting by President Robert Mugabe on the draft constitution which is now the new supreme law of the country, paves way for the holding of fresh polls.

The new constitution which came into effect on Wednesday replaces the deformed 33 year old Lancaster House Constitution which gave birth to Zimbabwe. 

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