Gokwe woman Clara Mashoko caused stir after telling a traditional that she wanted to surrender her goblins which are tormenting her.

Mashoko, who claims to have spiritually got the troublesome goblins from her grandmother when she was young, resides in the Northern part of the Midlands province under the traditional leader Chief Njelele.

Sources surrounding the incident told RelZim that Mashoko went to Chief Njelele in tears and asked for assistance to get rid of her goblins.

“Having goblins is similar to Satanism because spiritually you will be strong and we suspect she used the goblins to make other people’s money disappear and send them on missions to beat or kill people whom she deem were her enemies,” the source said.

The source said Mashoko no longer wanted the goblins because they were tormenting her adding that they were imposed on her while she was still young.

“Mostly when people want to offload the goblins the major reason is that they would no longer be able to cope up with their wild demands. They can demand a wife whom will be gratify goblins’ sexual needs. ”

Chief Njelele said Mashoko could not quantify the number of goblins that she had been given.

“When she came home I asked her the number of goblins she had been given and she told me that she didn’t know because they were many,” said Chief Njelele.

Mashoko who now lives in fear is very positive that goblins are responsible for her calamities.

Chief Njelele further indicated that the traumatised Mashoko needs help.

“Mashoko asked for my assistance on information about traditional healers and prophets who can be able to help her,” said Njelele.