A refreshing change in the gospel industry comes in the form of young and energetic Pride Priestly Nengere, also known as Jesse Priestly, who proved his worth at the recent launch of his comeback album titled, Totally Free, which has 13 tracks.

Performances of songs from the album which will be released to the public on August 7, left people in astonishment as he worked wonders on the stage.

Having last been released an album a decade ago, the artist went on to prove that he is still a force to reckon with. Priestly, a worship leader at Bishop Tudor Bismark’s Jabula New Life Covenant Church Zimbabwe, is also the CEO of Platinum Level Records. He is a member of the multi-Grammy award-winning artiste and group Israel Houghton and New Breed of New Breed Africa.

“A lot of effort and work have been invested into this, approximately about US$40 000 to complete the new album which was produced in South Africa. Some songs have deliberately been sung in other languages including Shona, Yoruba, English and Chewa, in order for me to reach out to a wide range of audiences globally. The various languages will enable me to break language barriers and get the message out there.” Priestly said.

Totally Free has beautifully arranged music in songs such as Yeso Yowelonga, We Praise Your Name, Ake Hosanna, Touch Me Again, Tinopa Mbiri and Great and Mighty amongst others.

Priestly also explained that his latest effort was largely influenced by personal life experiences that he has gone through in the last 10 years, which consequently led him to take time to finally complete the album in order to avoid delivering a half-baked cake.

Listeners can be assured of a lasting impression from the album, thanks to its originality, good musical arrangement, beautiful backing vocals as well as the actual deep message it has.