Ivy Kombo-Kasi posing for a photo with his husband Admire Kasi (photo: T. Marwizi).

Ivy Kombo-Kasi posing for a photo with his husband Admire Kasi (photo: T. Marwizi).

Gospel musician Ivy Kombo last week obtained an LLB Law Honours Degree with the University of Bedfordshire in England.

Kombo, who is now based in Luton with her husband Bishop Admire Kasi, said she was ecstatic about her latest achievement.

“Thanks to my hubby Addy Kasi, my mentor and everyone’s favourite law tutor. I will sing the Lord a new song. Thanks to all my fans who stood and prayed for me. I owe you one,” she said.

She added that the encouragement she got from her fans was overwhelming saying she owes them something.

Though she was not clear whether she will be releasing a new offering anytime soon she said she is working on something for them.

Kombo, one of Zimbabwe’s most successful female singers, propelled to national stardom by hits such as Sammy Joe and Handidzokere Shure.

Meanwhile another gospel musician Charles Charamba on Friday got his first degree in Music at the Zimbabwe College of Music.

Charamba said he was happy to be getting the degree saying it will help him in ministering the word of God through music.

Kombo, who is now referred to as Prophetess Kombo-Kasi, joins her husband Pastor Kasi in the church’s rank and file.

Her new church position, which has been indicated at her websites and social networks, comes hard on the heels of her controversial marriage to her former guardian Kasi, shortly after her marriage to Edmore Moyo.

The two were defrocked by the ZAOGA church following revelations of their secret liaison. Some years back, Kasi insisted his affair with Kombo started only after her “marriage failed”, avoiding a question if Kombo was divorced when they got together.