WIVES of the incarcerated Robert Martin Gumbura serving a 40 year jail term, have not given up on the cleric and have over the past few weeks attracted attention each time the cleric appeared in court.

Gumbura’s wives always come in their numbers, mostly nine out of eleven, dressed to kill and in trendy hairstyles for their rapist hubby’s routine remand.

The cleric is serving 40 years in prison for raping his congregants and is currently facing fresh charges of masterminding a riot which left five inmates dead at Chikurubi maximum prison in February.

Gumbura, together with eight other inmates, is also being charged with attempted prison break. The nine have been transferred to remand from where they are supposed to appear in court once every two weeks.

The convict and his showy bevy of beauties routinely communicate in gestures in total disregard for the court procedures in front of the either unaware or unconcerned magistrate.

Gumbura’s women are, in most cases, the first to get inside the court room to occupy the front benches from where they will be able to communicate with their husband who is the first accused in the latest case.

The all smiles Gumbura, in leg irons, will nod at each one of his wives in their sitting order as if telling them how beautiful they look and how happy he is to see them.

For those who would be showing signs of distress the cleric will cheer them up.

The women, who always walk in a group, do not seem to be jealous of each other and will even urge each other to pay attention to their husband.

Gumbura and others will be back in court on June 5 for Constitutional Court application ruling.

Gumbura is however not being represented in this application after his lawyer, Tapson Dzvetero, argued that the allegations did not disclose an offence at law.