Pastor Robert Martin Gumbura was on Monday sentenced to 50 years in prison but could save an effective 40 years after ten were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

The RMG End Time Message church leader was last week convicted on four counts of rape and one count of possession of pornographic material.

Gumbura, who has 11 wives and 30 children, faced nine counts of raping six women and one of possessing pornographic material.

But magistrate Hosiah Mujaya cleared him on four counts of rape for lack of evidence when handing down his ruling last Friday.

Prosecutor Jonathan Murombedzi, had recommended a lengthy prison term of more than 25 years saying this would serve as a deterrent.

“His moral blameworthy is very high in view of his position as a pastor,” said Murombedzi.

“He (Gumbura) preyed on the flock he was supposed to shepherd and took them as sex objects. He was selfish. He took the female congregants as his personal property which he would loan to other men.

“He would dictate which man shall marry a female congregant but at a price that he would be the first to be intimate with her.”

“A deterrent sentence will help society to have confidence in the justice delivery system.”

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