Harare Magistrate, Hosea Mujaya has postponed judgment in a case in which Independent End Time Message founder, Robert Martin Gumbura, is facing nine counts of raping six female members of his church.

Yesterday, the State as well as the defence counsel led by Rekayi Maphosa made an inspection at the home of Gumbura where he is alleged to have raped the women and today, they presented their submissions before Mujaya.

The State led by Jonathan Murombedzi contended that Gumbura’s residence has a tight security system which made it impossible for his victims to escape.

He said this gave credence to evidence by the victims that they could not escape due to the tight security. He said that the court should put into consideration as well that the victims were subjected to psychological and spiritual fear

Gumbura’s residence has a security wall measuring three meters while the other side of his durawall measures 1,8 meters.

However, the defence counsel, led by Rekayi Maphosa, maintained that the security system could not have prevented the rape victims from escaping and that some gates at the house of Gumbura were usually open during the day.

Maphosa further argued that about 200 people would gather at the accused person’s residence daily and it was not possible for him to rape the women in the presence of such a huge crowd.

Gumbura denies the rape allegations against him claiming that he had consensual sex with the women.

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