Gweru pastors  have called upon national leaders to desist from using hate speech when addressing the nation as it will breed a culture of disrespect.
Speaking to RelZim ,Transformations Foundations founder, Pastor Augustine Deke said national leaders should uphold national values and mind their language when addressing crowds.

“Our national leaders should uphold our values as Africans because our children learn from them,” Deke said with reference to the recent onslaught on national leader purported to be plotting an uprising on president Robert Mugabe.

Deke said public attacks on high profile politicians is inculcating a culture of disrespect amongst the youths which is unAfrican and politicians should use wisdom when tackling issues of national importance.

Last year, First Lady ,Grace Mugabe led an onslaught on former vice president Joice Mujuru where she used derogatory language which does not befit a person of her stature.

“The current trend of youths speaking  bad about the elderly from a church point of view.  It does not sound well. When our children look at them, they are looking at role models, but we are creating a violent society because of derogatory language used on political platforms,” Deke who is also a former journalist said.

Deke added that the social fabric should be kept intact bearing the future in mind.

“We want to maintain our social fabric intact. I cannot trust my children to watch ZTV alone. We have been talking to other pastors and they think politicians should not hang their linen in public,” said Deke.

Deke said politicians should also desist from washing dirty linen in public as this erodes traditional respect that Zimbabweans have for elders as this will bring a curse upon the nation.

“We are bringing a curse upon our nation by disrespecting elders. The President should be respected as an old man and his party needs wisdom in working out the succession plan.”
“We are creating a vicious cycle of curses if we fail to observe the elderly and from the church we are saying let’s show respect.”

Another Pastor Trinose Makotose, Family Life International said since Zimbabwe is a Christian nation, bad language on political platforms is highly unacceptable.

“Zimbabwe was declared a Christian nation and our founding principles always acknowledges God as the supreme being, so why do we act like pagans,” Makotose asked.

“Our political leaders have failed to uphold this status. Because our radios are filled with hate speech which brews strife in the nation,” he added.

The Pastors encouraged political leaders to use respectful and godly language even though they differ in opinions.

Zimbabwe has over the past months witnessed a change in the political landscape especially in Zanu PF where there has been a lot of infighting and squabbling.

“We pray that peace continue to prevail in our nation because Zimbabweans are a peace loving people,” Deke said.