A Harare man stunned the court when he revealed that his wife – a self styled prophet – denied him conjugal rights over the past four months because her newly-acquired goblins would not permit her.

Fungisai Nyamayaro, who admitted she was a prophet, was seeking a protection order at the Harare Civil Court against her husband Shepherd Manjova for alleged verbal, physical and emotional abuse.

Manjova denied all allegations and quickly pointed out that his wife was bitter because he had told her followers she possessed goblins.

“She goes to a traditionalist at Mupedzanhamo flea market called Samanyika WeJubeki to collect miracle portions yet she claims to be a prophet. She only came to court because she is afraid to lose more of her followers if I keep telling them of her visits to the traditionalist. She recently told me that Samanyika had given her goblins which would not allow her to be intimate with me for two years.

“She has denied me conjugal rights for four months now. One of the goblins is coated with $100 notes with an inscription ‘Bring Money’ on its forehead, another written ‘Tokoloshi’ and a bottle of woods that oozes human blood every day,” Manjova said.

Nyamayaro said she only engaged the services of the said traditionalist to get luck-oil and denied allegations of possessing goblins.

“I was only given luck-oil and he is the one who went to get love portions because he struggled to get an erection. He threatened to murder me over the phone and told me he would rather defend his life in prison after killing me. He calls my followers and tells them I am using goblins.

“He always pitches during my sermons and embarrasses me. He also calls people’s wives to tell them I am having affairs with their husbands. I have tried reporting him to the police but he is very stubborn and continues to disturb my peace,” said Nyamayaro.

Magistrate Tatenda Manhanzva ordered Nyamayaro to obtain police evidence which proves that Manjova has been violent before she rules on the matter on Tuesday.

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