Prophet Robert Mutandwa, leader of a local Apostolic Faith sect in Harare, yesterday took his wife to the civil court accusing her of infidelity and having suicidal tendencies.

Prophet Mutandwa told the court that his wife Oppah Mutandwa always threatened him and flirted with her ex-boyfriends, hence his application for a protection order.

“I found out that my wife was dating other men and most of them were her ex-boyfriends. Some of them she used to see them in our matrimonial home. Since then she has become suicidal and threatens me. She burnt herself, tried to hang herself in our house and when I asked her why she was behaving in such a manner she then dipped her hands in paraffin. She is trying to cover up her actions of infidelity,” said Mutandwa.

But his wife denied the allegations saying she bunt herself because she was seeking attention from her husband. She alleged that he once threw her out of her matrimonial home together with her children and only reversed the decision after she threatened to report the matter at his workplace.

“The applicant drove the respondent into burning herself for fear of losing or wrecking her marriage. She has suffered infidelity and abuse at the hands of the applicant and could not take it anymore,” said Oppah’s lawyer who declined to be named.

Mutandwa was, however, adamant that his wife was trying to cover up for her behaviour.

“She is trying to cover up her behaviour. She used to bring a boyfriend in our house. For some time she told me that this other boyfriend of hers was her brother-in-law and he used to come in my presence, but I later found out that he was not a brother-in-law at all, but one of her ex-boyfriends she was seeing.”

Magistrate Tatenda Mananzva, however, dismissed Mutandwa’s application saying the reasons cited in the application were insufficient to cause granting of a protection order.