People living with disabilities in Chiredzi are now living in squalor conditions following withdrawal of aid from a church leader who used to look after them.

Most of these people who come from different walks of life, are now living at Chiredzi bus terminus waiting sheds. It seems this is now their permanent residents.

Most of these invalids who spoke to us said they have nowhere to go as they were either rejected by their own relatives or are deceased.

Several of them said they are now living a cat and mouse life with council security who often chase them from the rank where they are staying.

Council security are up in arms with anyone who is using rank bays and waiting rooms as their permanent homes, arguing that allowing to do so would promote thugery in the town. This is after a dangerous gun trotting thief was caught at that place after staying there for a week terrorising residents.

The decision by council has, however, received with shock among invalids. Most of them flocked into time during the height of food donations from Pastor Chibwe who leads a Church here.

With the dwindling economy some were dropped from the hand-out programme and could not go back to their homes.

They are now appealing to council to allow them to use waiting rooms at new rank as their shelter.

Shalati Tsatsawani, a deformed female who has stayed at the waiting rooms for 3 years now, said the area is now her home and she has given birth to a baby from that place.

She is now staying with her ‘husband’ whom she also met there. There are other cases of child bearing at the waiting rooms mostly from disabled couples who have found each other there.