The Midlands branch of Harvest House International Church recently hosted an annual conference which ran under the title ‘Solid Foundations’.

Friday night saw hundreds of believers thronging the Midlands Hotel for an encounter with their creator, while those who were not able to get seats in the main auditorium sat in the overflow.

Minister Takesure ‘Zamar’ Ncube ministered songs of worship which created a heavenly atmosphere.

This was possibly one of the largely attended conferences since the branches’ inception a decade ago. Preaching was founder Apostle Colin Nyathi, wife Sarah Nyathi and Bishop Chemani Tuturu of the Mashonaland region.

The first night was characterised by high expectation and the congregants were getting ready to spend the entire weekend worshipping God and listening to the word of God.

Apostle Nyathi said every Christian should have a strong foundation in Jesus and not in any other substitute like water, oil and handkerchiefs which are being used these days.

He said Christians should not be deceived by gimmicks that ‘men of God‘ do in order to syphon cash from believers.   

The three-day conference also doubled with the ordination of church elders who were commissioned for service in the church and were ordered to be faithful, serving God with a pure heart.

The conference was attended by Pentecostal Christians from places like Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Masvingo and Norton among other towns.

During the conference, the Total Men and the Maximised Lifestyle International — men and women groups — split for separate meetings where they were taught principles of faith and how to make their marriages prosper.

A concert brought down the curtain on the conference with artists taking to the stage one after another.

Worship Addicts and the Seraphims were among the groups which performed on Sunday for an excited sizeable crowd.