For many Christians, the Cross is regarded as familiar, yet most people do not give it a second thought because they believe they know it already.

Although the cross is mostly characterised by suffering, the event is distinctly marked with fun-fare and celebration where families come together and spend the day participating in different activities. Over the years they used to celebrate through singing competitions, but this year they are celebrating in a different style. Small Christian Communities will participate in dramas and poems with ‘The Cross’ as the main theme.

The main teaching revealed by the cross is suffering. To be a Christian means carrying the cross. The cross is represented by the suffering we encounter in our human existence. Suffering cannot be explained or justified, neither can we avoid a life without suffering, what matters most of the attitude one has to any form of suffering they encounter in life. Job was a just man who followed the laws of God but he still suffered terribly.

Budiriro parish will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Cross as their important day honouring the salvation that was brought by the cross “A crucesalus.”

Liturgically, Holy Cross Day is celebrated on the 14th of September but the Parish is celebrated it on the 27th as a way of raising funds for building projects they are undertaking.