Outgoing Minister of Mines, Obert Mpofu,  has refuted corruption allegations leveled against him, saying that he was a born again Christian.

Speaking during an empowerment seminar at a Pentecostal church recently, Mpofu took a swipe at his detractors who claim that he amassed properties through corruption.

“They will tell you that I own the tallest building in Bulawayo and own the entire Victoria Falls,” Mpofu said.

“I don’t own all that, I’m a business man who happens to love his politics,” he added to wild applause from the congregants.

Mpofu has often been attacked in the media for his massive wealth accrued in a few years and his critiques allege that the former minister got his wealth through corruption.

“I don’t pretend because I am a Christian. My whole family was brought up in the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church,” he said in a futile attempt to qualify his wealth.

It was not long before Mpofu started bragging of his capacity to pay debts.

“I pay rates more than all politicians combined. Bulawayo City Council (BCC) had to write a letter, thanking me,” Mpofu said to loud cheers.

He said people misunderstand him because of his success.

Mpofu urged Christians present to take advantage of the mineral resources in the country by form consortiums which will help in sourcing funds.

“We have repossessed a large chunk of land from Zimplats for the mining of platinum by locals. So form consortiums and coupled with a traceable business background you can have a good chance of success in mining,” Mpofu admonished the congregants.

He pledged to help upcoming miners with information and resources to jump start their ventures.