ZIMPRAISE choir director Wellington Kwenda has dismissed as false allegations that he has deserted the choir amid plans to form his own group.

Speaking to NewsDay, Kwenda said he was still a member of Zimpraise and was committed to work with the choir in his endeavour to spread the Word of God through praise and worship.

“I know there are people who want to tarnish my image after the recent release of my solo seven-track album Passion of Praise. My move to release the album does not mean that I have abandoned Zimpraise,” said Kwenda.

“I am still part of the group’s leadership, but it is only that I am trying to explore and express myself in another dimension and thus the release of this project,” he added.

Kwenda, who joined Zimpraise as an ordinary member before rising through the ranks to his current role as the choir director, is confident that the album will help him develop another dimension of his musical craft outside Zimpraise.

Songs making up the album include Yaweh, Tinodiwa naJesu, Changamire, Fire Fire, Thus Says the Lord, I Worship You, Nditungamirirei and a bonus instrumental track Tinodiwa naJesu.

The album features Sharon Manyonganise on track 6 I Worship You, which is more of a devotional song.

Kwenda says his type of music where he uses dialects like the vernacular, English and Lingala of the Democratic Republic of Congo is called Megafantabuluospenga praise.

“Mega means big as a big man with a big voice, fantabulous is a combination of two thus fantastic and fabulous and that is my God while Penga is for an indignant praise,” he said.

Kwenda said the album would be accompanied by videos.

“I am going to do videos of the album since our industry is going towards where people believe in seeing than listening, that’s why I decided to accompany the songs with some videos,” he said.

Kwenda, who is well known for his chants at the renowned choir, has worked with various gospel artistes in his career who include Tembalani Tagwireyi, Tsitsi Kudita and Kudzi Nyakudya, among others.