ACTING President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s under fire Kwekwe neighbour Reverend Tititi Moyo has sensationally claimed that he was called by God to Kwekwe to deal with Satanism that was rampant in the mining town.

In full page adverts titled – Right Reverend Prophet I.M.T Moyo: A true prophet of God – published yesterday, Moyo said he was also called by the Holy Spirit to deal with a notorious group known as the Taliban, a shadowy Zanu PF militia, that had been terrorising Kwekwe.

Moyo was responding to a story published by NewsDay last Saturday where farmers besieged Mnangagwa’s Sherwood farm demonstrating against him claiming he was a bad neighbour.

The farmers, who demanded the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Revelation leader’s immediate eviction from his A2 farm, claimed that the clergyman was violent and grabbing their properties by setting bouncers on those that would have resisted his land grab.

But Moyo yesterday fired a salvo at both the farmers and the NewsDay, describing them as agents of Satan whose allegations were motivated by malice.

“These are falsehoods meant to denigrate the good image and reputation of the prophet. This is the work of Satan and his agents,” read part of the advert. It was not clear who inserted the commercial.

“He was called by the Holy Spirit that he was supposed to go to Kwekwe because there was Satanism which was being practiced there and there was a notorious group which was terrorising residents which called itself Talibans. He challenged the so called Talibans and it disappeared for good.

“God also instructed prophet Moyo to pray by the flyover which is just outside Kwekwe which had turned into a notorious black spot where fatal accidents and road carnages were always happening because of the influence of the evil.”

The advert was full of “testimonies” from various people whom hesupposedly helped, while also claiming the church had great following from among others government ministers, war veterans and chiefs.