Popular ‘sungura’ musician Hosiah Chipanga revealed recently that he received a spiritual calling long before popular Emmanuel Makandiwa and is in the process of opening a congregation which, he believes, will have a bigger following than that of the Harare Prophet.

In an interview with RelZim, Chipanga said his Church will be called Messiah Apostolic Prophetically Inspired Peoples Institution (Mapipi).

Chipanga said everything is going according to plan and they are waiting to be granted operating space and facilities by Mutare city council. “As soon as the city council grants us a place to operate we are going to expand the congregation, which has been operating from my home, and we will begin working miracles.”

Chipanga further said he is better than Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa because he prepares people for ‘heaven’, while he is going to establish the kingdom of God in Zimbabwe and Africa at large. “I will be better than Makandiwa who has a large following now because he is preparing people for heavenly kingdom. Mapipi will establish the Kingdom of God here on earth.”

When asked how he would mix clergy work and music, Chipanga said he was not a musician but a preacher and will continue to preach even in bars and night clubs through music.

Chipanga described his calling, that he said came at his friends’ house. “I was in Sheba, Penhalonga, on September 13, 1977, when I received this calling. I had to pay attention to what God was saying to me. I received so many revelations and I could not ignore them. I encountered a series of challenges as I tried to establish my Church. I felt my body burning and I almost died. A cup of water came to my rescue and that is when I was told to go and preach.”

He said he formed the Church to address the issues of  ‘false prophets’ that have taken Zimbabwe by storm. The Church was formed  at his Mutare house in October. As the Church had attracted a huge following, he sought to establish a bigger gathering place. The new church building will be officially opened at the end of the month.

Some Christians who spoke to RelZim expressed their concern on the growing number of self proclaimed prophets. “Chipanga has already started on a wrong footing, why he should criticise a man of God, Emmanuel Makandiwa,” commented Mlamuleli Tshuma. “Why will Chipanga establish the Kingdom of God on earth when the Scriptures clearly show that the Kingdom of God is not of this earth? I believe he wants to get popularity by attacking Makandiwa for nothing”, concluded Samantha Chitotombe.