PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) founder Walter Magaya yesterday said his greatest wish is to meet President Robert Mugabe whom he described as a great leader.

Addressing journalists in Botswana where he is holding a three-day crusade, the charismatic church leader also warned he would continue to expose apostolic sects’ alleged transgressions in his forthcoming books.

“It’s difficult to say who I would want to meet at the moment because I have not thought much about it. In fact, I believe it is them who would want to meet me,” he said.

“But one man who I would want to meet and talk to is President Robert Mugabe.

“I haven’t met him. He is a great and powerful man and I am looking forward to meet him.”

Magaya claimed that he had privately met four African presidents, but never had an opportunity to meet Mugabe. He also said he was dying to meet ZAOGA leader Ezekiel Guti.

Turning to his controversial fight with the apostolic sect leaders whom he accused of using marine spirits to hoodwink their followers, Magaya said he was not done yet exposing them.

“They should expect another hit as I am launching a book titled Marine Spirits Part 3,” he said.

“In fact, I have four more books coming and I am not stopping. So it is game on.”

After the launch of two books this year attacking the apostolic sects, a war of words erupted with apostolic leaders vowing to “expose” Magaya, describing him as “ungodly and worse than local traditional healers”.

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe president Johannes Ndanga, whose organisation is an umbrella body for 2 000 apostolic sects, retorted that Magaya derived his powers from snakes.

Ndanga threatened to storm Magaya’s church premises in Waterfalls, Harare, to “dig up” the snakes, but the PHD leader said he would not allow the group to set foot on his church grounds.

“I will not accommodate (or allow) them to come and seek what they think is planted at the church. If they have evidence against me, let them write their own book,” he said

Meanwhile, thousands of congregants mainly from Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa last night thronged Batlokwa Community Development Trust Stadium, the venue of the crusade where Magaya performed miracles and healed the sick.