Sexy Angels front lady Beverly “Bev” Sibanda has apologised to Prophetic Healing and Deliverance leader Walter Magaya for all the stunts she has pulled against the celebrity preacher.

Bev’s manager Harpers Mapimhidze said they regretted every bad thing that ever transpired between them and Magaya.

“He is a man of God, everyone knows that,” Mapimhidze told the Daily News.

“What took place is just unfortunate but we apologise for everything that has ever happened. You know at times we, as people, make decisions that we end up regretting but we are apologising.

“We are human and at times we do things we regret at the end. As Bev’s manager, I apologise for everything that she has ever said or done to Magaya. He is a man of God and we cannot mess with him.”

Mapimhidze said he is certain that there will be less talk coming from Bev regarding Magaya.

“I spoke to Bev especially with issues to do with what she was saying in the media, we agreed that she would stop and that she would leave him alone,” he said.

“At times, I would not know what would be taking place, only to read it in the papers. I have had serious talk with her regarding what she says in public and her conduct with other people.

At the end of the day, anaMagaya vanhu vane zvinhu zvavo, so you can’t mess with them, you might need their help in the future.”

Since joining and leaving Magaya’s PHD Ministries, Bev has launched a series of attacks on Magaya, who has largely remained quiet amid a barrage of attack.

Earlier, Magaya helped Bev start a retail business, renting a shop for her and giving her money to start up the business.

In less than three months, she said the shop was not generating enough money and that she would rather go back to dancing.

She accused the prophet of trying to woo her with a car and money.