At least 53 people were baptised at the Jehovah’s Witnesses regional convention yesterday as the organisation continues to grow in Zimbabwe.

Among those who were baptised was a blind woman and a family of four.

A total of 2 729 attended the morning session.

The convention’s programme overseer Arnold Makayi, said the growth of the church had seen shifts of up to five congregations within the same kingdom hall (place of worship)

“It looks like the congregation is growing very fast and it is a show of Jehovah’s blessings as you can see the work in Zimbabwe and in fact globally. Most importantly, according to Matthew 24:14 it tells us that we are nearing the end of this world,” Makayi said.

Since the beginning of the current series of regional three day conventions, 27 have done with a remainder of 15 still to be completed.

The remainder will be done in several languages, including Shona, Ndebele, French, Swahili, Chitonga and sign language.

One of the baptismal candidates Claudious Chingoriwo said: “For me personally, it [baptism] now means l am offering sacred services to Jehovah and now I am satisfying verses like Matthew 28:19, 20. Now I know that my goal is to go out there and make disciples from others.”

Matthew 28:19,20 forms the basis of the Jehovah’s Witnesses commission to preach where upon ascending to heaven, Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to preach to the whole world and assured them once this was done, the end would come.

The theme of this year’s conventions is Remain Loyal to Jehovah.

Over 100 000 witnesses country wide are expected to attend a regional convention in their nearest towns.