People may often hear the expression “Follow Your Heart,” but rarely they hear “Safeguard Your Heart.” The latter phrase will be heard many times as of past weekend all the way to mid-October when Jehovah’s Witnesses hold 35 conventions throughout Zimbabwe.

The Harare Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses along Simon Mazorodze Road will be host to thousands of delegates from the surrounding districts. They will be attending each of the 11 three-day conventions slotted for the capital city starting last weekend.

According to the Witnesses’ spokesperson, John Hunguka, the conventions’ theme “Safeguard Your Heart” will focus on the Bible’s references to the figurative heart. “Witnesses believe that the figurative heart needs protection if one is to have a good relationship with God. “Through lively discourses, dramatic Bible readings and presentations, programme parts will emphasise how protecting the figurative heart will enhance one’s spiritual well-being, family life and lasting happiness.”

Hunguka also said Jehovah’s Witnesses are deeply concerned with the welfare of today’s youth. 
He said God values the worship rendered to him by young people and wants them to be happy.
Hunguka also pointed out that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not physically separate themselves from those who do not share their beliefs.