Speakers at the just ended three day Jehovah’s Witness conference at the National Sports Stadium encouraged congregates to remain resolute.

Some of the talks which kept the crowd captivated were “Who will inherit God’s kingdom”, “The kingdom’s good news has to be preached first” and “Pursue goals that can help you inherit the kingdom.”

Today’s focus will be on the public discourse themed Earth’s Rulers, Who Really Qualifies?” and a full costume drama.

Followers were urged to focus their lives on inheriting God’s kingdom regardless of the many adversities people are facing.

After the conference at least 1 568 bible students were baptised at the Jehovah’s Witnesses international convention at the National Sports Stadium yesterday.

The convention, which is the first of its kind, also saw the number of people attending the second day of the three-day convention going up to 74 694 from 68 916 who attended the first day of the religious jamboree which started on Friday.

The convention organiser Effort Mugabe said the oldest of the baptismal candidates was 97 years old while the youngest was seven years old.

Two other candidates were aged 85 years.

The candidates were baptised after a six month to two year bible course.

At the convention, several publications were released titled Your Family Can Be Happy, Teach Your Children and God’s Kingdom Rules.

The baptismal candidates said they were happy to have made history by getting baptized at the first international convention in the country.

There are 7,9 million Witnesses from 239 countries in 113 000 congregations globally.

In Zimbabwe there are 42 000 Witnesses.