St Peters Kubatana High and St Peters Mbare Secondary Schools students on the 10th of March participated in a poetry writing workshop based on Ignatian values, organized by the Jesuit Education Office.


About 80 prefects, junior councilors and club leaders took part in this exercise which was facilitated by education office in collaboration with Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust (ACPDT) to help develop and showcase creative writing skills through poetry.


The students engaged in a practical poem writing and presentation activity incorporating the Jesuit values in which they displayed their creativity in producing very good poems.


Mrs. Kathy Bond Stewart encouraged the students to keep on writing for its will be very helpful in their studies. “I am very happy to see that we have very good and creative writers in Jesuit schools…please keep on writing these poems for it will keep your mind sharp and also its very helpful in your studies and even day to day lives”, said Mrs. Stewart.


Apart from writing poems on Ignatian values the students also wrote poems on social relations and other issues affecting the students in education and the society in general.