Jesuit Silveira House seeks an economic and social analyst to take up the post of Socio-Economic Research and Analysis Project officer effect from 1st May 2013.

The applicant must
–    Be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of applied economics
–    Have a detailed understanding of the economics and politics of Zimbabwe
–    Have good communication and writing skills

–    Masters in Economics or Economic Development, or equivalent
–    BSc in Economics and Social Policy
–    Experience in economic analysis
–    Fluent in English
–    Fluency in at least one Zimbabwean indigenous language in order to understand grassroots research data, results and situations
–    Experience in journalism is preferred although not exclusively essential
–    Driver’s licence (a must)

Special preference will be given to mature and settled applicants out of studies.

The successful applicant will initiate research to track emerging economic, social and political issues specifically affecting the lives of the people of Zimbabwe and provide us with thorough, in-depth analysis and forecasting. He/she will occasionally travel to the different provinces of the country and have regular contact with both local and national government, non-governmental organisations, business communities, media and most important of all, the ordinary citizens at grassroots level.

We offer the opportunity to work in a challenging, fast-paced environment where enthusiasm and creativity from the subject are the norm. 

Salary is dependent on experience and qualification, and you will enjoy some excellent benefits.

Please send in your CV with a covering letter and details of current salary and employment to: [email protected]

Or by post to the Director at Box 545, Harare