Kwekwe has witnessed the birth of a self-styled prophet who has taken the city by storm after making sensational claims resulting in him commanding a huge following in the city.

The Johane Masowe sect senior prophet, Elijah Zachariah (34) claims that he spiritually assisted the recently Zanu PF Kwekwe central Member of Parliament-elect, Masango ‘Blackman’ Matambanadzo, to win elections.

“Many politicians have come to me for assistance and recently I helped the MP for Kwekwe to win the elections. Matambanadzo has even acknowledged this at his victory celebrations,” he said.

The senior prophet has done wonders including healing the insane.

“A woman has testified in the church of having been healed of breast cancer after receiving prayers from me.

“Also another woman tested HIV/AIDS negative after I had assisted her with prayers.A vast number of Pentecostal church goers come to me for help especially at night as they don’t want to be noticed,” Madzibaba Zachariah said.

A congregant, who preferred to be identified as Mai Banda, said Madzibaba Zachariah preaching is powerful and inspiring.

She further indicated that Madzibaba Zachariah has the ability to heal the sick as he has demonstrated it earlier in their church services.

The city of Kwekwe has been put under spot light since a number of prophets have been dragged before the courts for various scandals.

The recently self-styled prophet, Tagwirei Mahobo (31), was arraigned before the courts and convicted of attempting to rape one of his patients. The convict was jailed for an effective nine months.