Vapostori attacking Cops in Budiriro (photo: Newsday)

Vapostori attacking Cops in Budiriro (photo: Newsday)

Kumasowe, a play which caricatures the skirmishes between the members of the Johanne Masowe apostolic sect in Budiriro two months ago, is going to be showcased despite the barring of the play by the police last week.

The police last week summoned Silvanos Mudzvova the producer of the play and told him not to show case or launch the play.

“Kumasowe will be showing this Wednesday at Book Café and people should book seats now. It is still the original work, I have not altered it and will not do that in the near future despite the existence of spurious laws that were created to suppress a black man by the colonial regime and today under the leadership of a black man we are still being oppressed,” said Mudzova the man behind the caricature.

The sate uses the Censorship and entertainment control act of 1967 to bar artistic work which its deems ‘rebellious’.

The laws were enacted by the colonial regime and were used as a tool of destabilizing political mobilisation and the struggle for justice.

“Unbeknown to them, in the Vapostori camp are ex-convicts that are seeking redemption from spirits of violence, disgruntled vendors and kombi drivers who are trying to get assistance at the church after numerous losses caused by the police, among others,” added Mudzvova.

“People go to Masowe for different reasons and the bulk of the people on this particular scene are out of jail courtesy of the presidential amnesty.”