Heal the World Ministries International pastor, apostle S Mahovo of Kwekwe, has published a book about faith which he launched over the weekend.

The 47-paged booked titled Unlocking Your Faith was launched at a colourful ceremony and the author described it as a simplified guide to enjoying the gifts of God.

“We have seen people shying away from God’s Word and work because they think it’s such a complicated process, yet it is not so through personal experiences and revelations from God. I wrote a simplified guide to attaining blessings from God,” he told journalists.

Mahovo who has become one of the most known pastors in Kwekwe, had the first copy of his book auctioned for $2 555 at the launch attended by high profile bankers, lawyers and mayor Matenda Madzoke.

Madzoke hailed Mahovo for penning the book which he said would not only bring salvation to the nation, but also put Kwekwe on the literature map.

“We have been lagging behind on the literature front and I am glad that the apostle found time to write a book which will not only save this nation from sins, but also put the city high up on the map,” he said.

The book details how faith is at the centre of receiving God’s blessings.

“Essentially the power of God is like electrical voltage which requires a regulator to control its impact on the recipient. Therefore, that’s how faith comes into play,” Mahovo said.

“Without faith, the immeasurable power from heaven would overwhelm you and ultimately destroy what it is meant to uplift.”