Scores of people gathered at Regina Mundi Convent in Highfield to celebrate together with the Little Children of the Blessed Lady (LCBL) Sisters who were celebrating Silver and Golden jubilees of some of their members.

The event, which was graced by Archbishop Ndlovu who led the Eucharist celebration, saw a total number of five religious nuns celebrating silver and three celebrating golden jubilee respectively;Srs.Getrude Mushawatu, Esthery Chinyani, Boavinda Conde, Clarietta Masocha, Florence Machiridza were in a jovial mood.

However, “the golden nuns” who included Sr Pius Katsukunya, Euphrasia Ruzururo and Joana Mawire could just express their joy through smiling and waving their hands to the crowd since their age would not allow vigorously dance like their young companions.

In his Homily, Fr Ngwenya referred to a jubilee as a year of the Lord when people are forgiven their sins, prisoners being freed and scratching off all debts people may have to others as it is written in the book of Leviticus.

Fr Ngwenya then went on to urge the celebrants to start also a new life and follow what the ancient jubilee states by forgiving everyone who wronged them and even to free other people they are imprisoning morally and mentally.

Fr Ngwenya applauded the golden jubilarians for their faith in the Lord who gave them the strength to work in his vineyard for such a long period of time without drawing back.

He also urged the whole congregation gathered to use the sacraments of the Eucharist and reconciliation as pillars of strength “that keep us close to the Lord.”

Fr Ngwenya made this call referring to those who were celebrating the golden jubilee that without these two sacraments the journey would not have been smooth.

The crowd was put in frenzy mood when one of the golden jubilarians asked the Lord to add more fifty years to her in the service of the church and people looking at her age, they couldn’t help but to laugh in excitement due to the faith and desire to continue working shown by a fellow.

The jubilarians were presented with silver and golden crowns respectively. The secretary to the Nuncio, Msgr John Baptist Itaruma presented them with congratulatory certificates from the Pope.

Archbishop Ndlovu gave thanks to the Sisters for being exemplary and to show others that with God all is possible.

He also urged all the young people to learn lessons from the eight and not to be afraid to join various orders.

The Archbishop went on to shoulder a challenge to many parents gathered that they might also receive thanksgiving from their children like what the jubilarians did to theirs only if they bring up their children in the manner acceptable to God.