Light House Ministries International Pastor and Founding Member Apostle Nqobile Mkweli survived death by a whisker after his testicles were pulled and was thoroughly bashed by Hwedza Shoko who owed him USD40, last week.

Sources privy to the incident told that Apostle Mkweli who resides in Rutendo surbubs, Kwekwe (Central Zimbabwe) got thorough hiding when he asked for his money from a local resident Shoko who resides in the same neighbourhood who had taken chickens from the pastor on credit.

It is said that Apostle Mkweli who is into poultry farming went to Shoko’s residence and demanded his money which resulted in an heated debate and exchange of words ensued leading to the scuffle which saw the apostle kicked on the mouth.

It is further said that Shoko with the assistance of his wife manhandled Apostle into the house and locked the door before he was beaten using sjambok.

“When I went to Shoko’s place demanding my money, he and his wife pulled me into the house and locked the door. The husband pulled my testicles twice and severely beat me with a sjambok. He further took a bottle and struck it on my forehead,” said the Apostle before the Provincial Magistrate Taurai Manwere.

State Prosecutor Vimbai Chinoda produced a medical report before the magistrate which indicated that the Apostle sustained injuries and had two stitches on the forehead.

In his defense, Shoko told the court that he did not in any way assaulte Apostle Mkweli and does not owe him any money.

Hwedza Shoko and his wife were remanded out of custody on USD100 bail each and were set to appear in Kwekwe magistrate court this Thursday.

The police could neither confirm nor deny the incident.

The accused, if found guilty, will be charged with assault as defined in Section 175 of the Criminal Law (Codification and reform) Act Chapter 9:23.