GOSPEL musician Rev Togarepi Chivaviro who rocked the country with a hit song Ebenezer has signed with World Renowned Online music distribution giant TuneCore, in order to reach every corner of the world.

In an interview with this publication, Chivaviro said this will ensure that his fans around the world are not starved of his music which has become a “blessing to many souls”.

“God’s grace is surely taking us somewhere, Chivaviro told NewZimbabwe.com.

“I have been with them (TuneCore) for 2 years now, serving about 5 stores on a trial basis with remarkable results, but this time with the way our latest album Mhepo Inoperekedza is being received by fans, they signed us for the full package, ensuring access to about 150 stores across the globe.

“This is the direction that music distribution is taking; the CDs and DVDs are going out the cassette and vynl way. Now we are even getting responses from as far as Australia, Japan, USA, Brazil etc.”

Chivaviro added that CD distribution was being eroded by piracy and that many people now listen to music on their phones rather than CD players or shuttles.

“A person can just google Mhepo Inoperekedza and get so many options to download the song for some cents. TuneCore collects our royalties and every month we receive our dues.”

Rev’s Chivaviro songs have been doing well on YouTube with more than 5 getting above 100,000 views each.

Ebenezer, which was uploaded around May last year, now stands at 637,870 views and is still going, making it probably the most viewed Zimbabwean song in such a short time.

The video is fast gaining ground on Oliver Mutukudzis Neria uploaded by BBC Africa in September 2009 which stands at 687,799 views.

The Mhepo Inoperekedza album has been well received by fans, delighting Rev Chivaviro. “In fact, almost the entire album is doing well. Already, songs like Mhepo, Zvichanaka and Chikomborero have entered various radio charts and are doing well there. We hope by going digital and international the number of our fan base will grow and many souls will be uplifted”