Music fans that attended the gospel show at Harare Gardens on Saturday were disappointed as South African musician Lundi Tymara, who was billed to headline the concert, failed to turn up.

Fans walked out of the venue in protest when show organisers announced the main act of the day would not make it.

Show organiser Beauty James said changes in flight schedules had jeopardised Lundi’s journey.

“He was supposed to arrive in Harare at 5pm and go on stage at 6pm, but the flight was delayed so he could not make it for his slot,” she said.

“When we were told his flight had been delayed we had to stop him from boarding the plane because he would arrive after the show.

“The rest of his crew had arrived in the afternoon while his publicist was in the country for four days to prepare for the show.

“Lundi had other commitments and he could not travel earlier. We apologise for the mishap, but we are trying to rearrange the show.”

Lundi’s band only performed three songs to cap the show.

On stage, the stand-in lead vocalist confirmed Lundi’s absence.

“We are Lundi’s band and we have come to perform for you. Unfortunately, our boss is not here with us today. There were complications in his travelling programme,” he said.

Before Lundi’s band played, local musicians Zimpraise Choir and Mathias Mhere had entertained the audience with good performances.

It was not the first time for Lundi to fail to perform in the country.

Last year, he was deported on arrival at Harare International Airport after the promoter of the tour failed to secure a work permit for the musician.

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