Denford Mutashu suing Magaya at High Court for US$500 000 for bedding his wife (photo: M Chibaya).

Denford Mutashu suing Prophet Magaya at High Court for US$500 000 for bedding his wife (photo: M Chibaya).

LAWYERS representing a Harare man who is accusing Prophet Walter Magaya of bedding his wife have claimed that their client has been getting death threats.

They have also accused top police officers of blocking investigations into the adultery allegations levelled against the “man of God”.

Denford Mutashu is suing Magaya at the High Court for $500,000 for bedding his wife and has made a separate move to have the miracle working prophet arrested.

Mutashu’s lawyer, Norman Mugiya, alleged that some senior police officers who belong to the Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) church are stifling investigations into the bigamy and death threats reported a month ago at Harare Central Police Station.

Mugiya claimed his client was now living in fear as he is continuously receiving threats of death and disappearance over the phone from PHD founder, Walter Magaya, as well as from members of his church.

“I can confirm that there is a criminal report made with the police against Walter Magaya for bigamy but the police are handling the matter and we will hear from the police after their investigations,” said Mugiya

The lawyer said Mutashu and his wife Nomsa Ruvazhe  are legally married, hence they are laying criminal charges against the popular prophet who commands one of the fastest-growing Pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe.

Mugiya claims the case was also reported at Harare Central Police Station over a month ago but no action has been taken.

The lawyer identified the investigation officer in the case as Assistant Inspector Makore who is understood to be a detective in the police law and order section.

He said senior cops were calling Mutashu threatening him and he had alerted the police commissioner of the conduct of his troops.

“We have since approached the office of the Commissioner General of police (Augustine Chihuri) with a complaint on whether the police could work as private agents for individuals,” said Mugiya.

Mutashu this month filed a US$500,000 lawsuit demanding compensation from Magaya who allegedly committed adultery with his wife Nomsa Ruvazhe.

Under the law, it is permissible to pursue both criminal and civil charges.

“My client is worried that he is being victimised by some senior police officers who are members of the accused’s organisation,” said Mugiya.

According to the papers filed at the High Court, Magaya allegedly bought a US$10,000 Toyota Mark II vehicle for Mutashu’s wife.In his declaration, Mutashu said at one stage, Magaya exchanged 13 text messages with Ruvazhe within 20 minutes and in one of them, the prophet allegedly described the woman as ‘sexually attractive and highly mobile.’

Magaya’s spokesperson, Oscar Pambuka, was unavailable for comment.

“Magaya is a church leader of a popular church organisation and it is sad that he chose to bed the plaintiff’s wife whom she described as sexually attractive and highly mobile in one of her text messages,” Mugiya said.

Lawyers further alleged that Mutashu is still going through traumatic moments due to the ‘illegal’ affair.

“The plaintiff is going through traumatic moments following the realisation that his wife has been going out with the defendant who took advantage of his spiritual supremacy over the vulnerable plaintiff’s wife who was also lured to the extent of staying for three days in Magaya’s lodge without letting the plaintiff aware of where his wife was.

“The moral blameworthiness of Magaya is extremely high and the plaintiff was heartbroken to the extent that he failed to appreciate the value of life since those with power and money can always do what they want with other people’s wives especially the poor in the mode of the plaintiff,” said the lawyers.