The embattled leader of PHD Ministries, Prophet Walter Magaya, allegedly bought a $10 000 vehicle for the wife of a Harare man suing him for adultery.

According to summons filed at the High Court (Case No HC6880/14) yesterday by lawyers representing Denford Mutashu, who is demanding $500 000 in adultery damages from Magaya, the man of cloth allegedly bought a Toyota Mark II for Nomsa Ruvazhe, Mutashu’s wife.

Mutashu is being represented by Mugiya & Macharaga Law Chambers.

In his declaration, Mutashu said at one stage Magaya exchanged 13 love text messages with Ruvazhe within 20 minutes and in one of them, the prophet allegedly described the woman as “sexually attractive and highly mobile”.

“The defendant (Magaya) bought the plaintiff’s wife a recent import vehicle being a Toyota Mark II, the latest version costing $10 000, which the plaintiff’s wife is currently driving.

Magaya did not deny that, instead he met the plaintiff in one of the meetings to try and resolve the issue,” read the declaration.

“The love affair between the two grew to the extent that Magaya would exchange love messages with the plaintiff’s wife of more than 13 messages within 20 minutes and the plaintiff’s wife would hide the messages and communication between herself and the defendant.”

Added the declaration: “Magaya is a church leader of a popular church organisation and it is sad that he chose to bed the plaintiff’s wife whom he described as sexually attractive and highly mobile in one of his text messages.

“The plaintiff was so disturbed by the affair between his wife and the defendant to the extent he become bedridden due to excessive stress.”

The declaration added that Mutashu was still going through traumatic moments due to the affair.

“The plaintiff is going through traumatic moments following the realisation that his wife has been going out with the defendant who took advantage of his spiritual supremacy over the vulnerable plaintiff’s wife who was also lured to the extent of staying for three days in Magaya’s lodge without letting the plaintiff aware of where his wife was.

“The moral blameworthiness of Magaya is extremely high and the plaintiff was heartbroken to the extent that he failed to appreciate the value of life since those with power and money can always do what they want with other people’s wives, especially the poor, in the mode of the plaintiff,” said the lawyers.

Mutashu said he no longer shared conjugal rights with Ruvazhe as a result of the affair. In a letter of demand to Magaya last week, Mutashu’s lawyers claimed they were in possession of a video in which the clergyman confesses to the relationship.

The lawyers alleged they also have evidence of love text messages communicated between Magaya and Ruvazhe since they began the love affair in June 2014.

Magaya was given 10 days to respond to the summons.

“The plaintiff (Mutashu)’s claim is for payment of adultery charges amounting to $500 000 being apportioned as $250 000 for loss of contumelia and $250 000 for loss of consortium.

“Interest thereon at the prescribed rate, calculated from the date of issue of summons to the date of payment in full. Costs of suit on an attorney scale,” read the summons.

The lawyers ordered Magaya to launch a defence against the allegations within the next 10 days.

“If you (Magaya) wish to oppose any of the plaintiff’s claims you must enter an appearance to defend by making an appropriate entry in the appearance book kept in the office of the registrar of the High Court of Zimbabwe within 10 days after service of these summons (Saturday, Sundays and Public holidays are not counted as part of this 10-day period, nor this day on which these summons were served,” read the summons.